What’s on your Bucket List in 2015?

A Bucket list is a checklist of all the cool stuff you want to experience or accomplish before you die. What do you want to create or experience in 2015 and beyond?

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I know death is on my dance card but I am not chasing after it, nor running away.–KD

Popularized by Rob Reiner’s tragic comedy starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, the point of a bucket list is to help you live your life to the fullest.

Following is a list of approximately 50 things I have accomplished from my bucket list. I hope it inspires you to create your own. And then, to share it with your friends. Some of the best items on the list are not just difficult feats but actually require community support.

Your bucket list will not just make you a better conversationalists at parties, but requires personal growth– It’s not just something to brag about, but to work towards. The most satisfying bucket lists are goals that are aligned with your deep values. (Perhaps that’s why I start mine off with Sex.) At the end of my list I have a category called CHANGES which contains all the things that I am no longer interested in doing, perhaps because they are things at some point I “should” do, but now I am only interested in doing that which really lights me up!  It’s your life. It’s your list. Enjoy.

My Bucket List Completions by 2015:


Mile high club
Sex in central park
Create amateur Porn
Sex in a public bathroom
Make love with 2 brothers
Public consummation at my wedding
Make love under a waterfall (Bali)
Sex in a ancient castle in Germany
Hold a sex party with 130 participants
Make someone orgasm without touching them
See a sex show in Red Light district of Thailand


Sing a Karaoke Duet
Paint a self portrait
Get a standing ovation
Run my own theater company
Write and perform a one woman show
Write and publish a novel & a non fiction book
Record my grandparents telling the story of how they met.


Get published
Own my own home
Receive Fan mail
Home birth my child
Be on a reality show
Write/direct or perform in an award winning play
Have people look up to me for my organizational skills


Knit a Scarf
Take up cooking
Grow my own organic garden


Be a Mentor
Be an Organ Donor
Organize a fundraiser
Teach theater to kids
Make a contribution to humanity
Love as much and as many people as the universe allows


Create a Passive Income
Break a six figure income
Start a savings account for my son’s college education


Burning man
Hike Grand Canyon
Swim with dolphins
New Years in Australia
Watch an opera in Korea
Tantric pilgrimage to India
Do Puja in Lingam Cave in Bali
Hold a monkey at the Singapore zoo
White water rafting in Colorado River
Take an international first class flight
Climb to the top of the statue of liberty
Take a topless picture at the great wall of china
Hula Hoop performance on the Yangtze River
Backpack through Europe for 6 months with a Eurorail pass
(Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Louvre, Stonehenge, Gaudi’s work in Barcelona, Charles Bridge in Prague, Ann Frank’s hiding place, Parthenon, leaning tower, )


(These were meaningful goals to me at one point, but I am releasing my intention, and no longer wish to pursue them.)
Walk on Hot Coals
Eat any exotic animals
Cross country road trip
Phd in Dramatic studies
Earn my MFA in playwriting
See the Holland Flower Festival
Attend all my son’s recitals and plays
Have an art show with my wire sculptures.
Get produced main-stage at a major university
Live as a playwright in New York for at least a year

P.S. Here’s a New Years Gift, that is just as relevant this year as last: Ten Tips to writing successful New Year goals & resolutions! CLICK HERE.

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