Top 10 New Years Highlights of 2014 for Kamala Devi, Michael & Devin’s New Years Letter

Happy Polydays!

Kamala Devi, Michael & Devin’s Annual New Years Letter.

New Years Kamala Devi Poly days

Dear Friends, Family & Fans,
This is my 15th annual update. I usually cover both highs and lows for the year, but in recognizing how life is malleable, like a lucid dream, I’m choosing to indulge in the good instead of my drama addiction. Fortunately, Years marks a new chapter and I am eager to be turning the page on my nervous breakdown, narrow escape from divorce, and recent healing crisis.

So, here is a list of our top10 highlights for 2014: Devin’s Sailing Regatta, Tantric Trips, Yosemite, Michael turns 50, Family Therapy, Burning Man, PolyPalooza, Going Green, A creative sabbatical, winning the 50K word challenge…. Continue reading for pictures and Juicy details!

#10 Devin (age 7) raced in his first sailing Regatta!

After a summer of sailing camp, he and his best friend Kaden competed with the big boys at Mission Bay! Other remarkable accomplishments include memorizing the periodic table, riding his bike to school, learning to whistle, snap and meditate. He calls it “minitate” because it is only 5 minutes of sitting and calming the mind.

#9 Tantric Trips.

We had a variety of weekend adventures that deserve an honorable mention:

  • Harbin with Love Coach Academy.
  • Viraja’s all Goddess 40th Birthday Retreat.
  • Canyon De Guadalupe with the SuperPod.
  • New York with James for Diana & Ed’s Wedding.
  • An eco-sexual hike in Mauie where I met LaughingHawk.
  • Keynoting at a local ISTA where Tantra Theater did the “virginity lost” show.
  • A romantic retreat to Esalen where we experienced Marc Gafni’s work.

#8 Family Road trip to Yosemite!

Devin camped in a tent under the stars, hiked the Mist Trail, Bridal Veil, and Inspiration Point. He learned to skip rocks, track bear poop, and paid his respects to General Sherman, and General Grant the 1st and 2nd largest trees in the world!

#7 Michael turns 50!

After an intimate group of lovers camped at Liberty Advance, we had a private play party and a “dudeoir” photo shoot to document his sexy body in the peak of his vegan body building practice.

Kamala Devi Family New Year

#6 Therapy, therapy and more therapy.

During our painful separation with a long term lover, Michael and I sought extra healing to hold the marriage together from a variety of support systems. I especially appreciate the sweet daily chats with Cheri during her transitional stay with us. As a result of all this personal growth, Michael and I are more committed, passionate, and intimate than I ever thought possible!

#5 Burning Man.

We hitched a ride out in a sassy RV, camped with the Mystics, stirred up magic on the playa and soaked in the hotsprings on the way home with Janos and Sarah.

#4 PolyPalooza!

A wildly successful hotel take-over for free lovers led by Reid, Diana, AmyJo and the San Diego Poly Family. Michael and I deepened our relationships to the SuperPod and started new romantic connections with Stacy & Ria. Roxanne and I put on an unforgettable ping-pong performance at the X-rated Tantra Theater Show.New Years Poly Palooza Polypalooza

#3 Going Green.

Michael created his own position as a Solar Energy Sales Manger at Sun Coast and has broken all his personal best sales records in the last 3 months. We bought a prius and new energy efficient windows and solar panels for the whole house. Coincidentally, the value of our beach-house has sky-rocked. Michael spends his free time building a 3 story tree fort, in the back yard.

#2 A Creative sabbatical.

After 7 months of consulting for a ground breaking personal growth program, I am currently taking a break from monthly tantra talks, poly potlucks and sacred snuggle parties. I’ve been spending more time with my son, my lovers and myself, while writing 3 new books: Tantra Sutras, Poly Sutras and…

…#1…52 Fridays with my Bitch!

Roxanne DePalma and are chronicling the hot fantasies and role plays that we’ve co-created during our last 3 years together and writing an autobiographically based erotic novel. In November I joined NaNoWriMo and won the 50K word challenge!

New Years Kamala Devi goes green

New Years Intentions for 2015

  • I’ll be turning 40 next year and plan to publish 3 books!
  • Devin wants to learn to play the theme song to “star wars” on his violin.
  • Michael’s returning to his roots in real estate investing, wiser and more supported than ever!
  • Extended Summer vacation in Europe to experience intentional communities!
  • We’ve already planned romantic family trips to Portland, Israel, Boulder Creek, Canyon de Guadalupe, and the local but enchanting Fire Gardens. If you want to join us in January, we’ll be teaching at the Hawaii Tantra Fest and doing a week at New Culture Winter Camp.

We are wishing you the warmest in the New year. I trust our paths will cross in divine timing, hopefully that’s lots in 2015!

Infinite Love,

Kamala Devi, Michael and Devin



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KamalaDevi McClure is a mystic, author, & Muse. Her family stars in Showtime’s docu-series, Polyamory: Married & Dating. She is the director of SD Tantra Theater, teaches sacred sexuality, and is lead faculty for ISTA. She lives by the beach in San Diego with her husband and son.

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  1. Just came back from Israel and Barcelona. Celebrated my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. She made family history by being the first girl to read from the Torah same as boys talit and all literally touching the western wall.
    As you know I grew up and served there.
    If you have any questions regarding your trip I’ll help.
    Our family tradition is to climb Masada via the snake route. It takes 1 hour and highly recommended.
    2 tips:
    1. If you book hotels call the hotels directly to book – it would cost less. The web sites add about 10-12% to the price.
    2. Reserve tickets online to the Kotel Tannels which is an amazing tour that starts on the left side of the western wall where you see the men pray.
    With love

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