Michael McClure Rocks his 50th birthday in this sexy photo shoot!

Michael Mcclure vegan body builder

Several years ago my husband, Michael McClure, set the goal of being in the best shape of  his life by his 50th birthday. He started an all plant based high protein diet when he discovered that some of the worlds best bodybuilders were vegan.  He has been an athlete all his life: surfing and springboard diving are his best events.  One of the things I love most about his sculpted body is that his muscles are not just for show, he loves to carry heavy things, build things around the house and even does bench presses with our 7 year old son! For his 50th birthday I decided to get him a photo shoot with Vixen! Enjoy.






DSC_4732 DSC_4773

Michael rocks his 50th birthday in this sexy photo shoot!



If you want to read more about Michael Here is a link to 25 things you probably didn’t know.  And you can follow him  at: http://www.polyamorymichael.com/

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Photos by Scott Saw at Vixen Photography: http://vixenphotography.com/

Scott’s background is in fine art. He naturally draws on his years of experience to create beautiful photographs that highlight the client’s best features. To Scott, photography is more than taking pictures… it’s creating art. You can view Scott’s art at: scottsaw.com

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