Schedule Change: Sacred Snuggle Parties in San Diego are now only Seasonal!

Naked snuggle partyAfter seven consecutive years of community service, we will NO longer be holding Monthly Sacred Snuggle Parties. We have outgrown our current space and we need to find a new large location to hold Sacred Snuggle Parties  on a seasonal basis that are open to the community.

YES!! We will continue monthly Tantra Talks and Poly Potlucks.
Mark your Calendars:
2nd Thursdays: Polyamory Potlucks~ 6:45p in SD

3rd Thursdays: Tantra Talks~6:45p
– See more at:


We will be hosting a small private gathering for Michael’s Birthday Party this weekend. This is not open to the public. In the future, if you would like to be Invited to an advance invite-only event, please come to a introductory event and talk to the facilitators. Thank you.


I want to express my HUGE appreciation for all those who made these monthly events possible.
Starting with the original inspiration and support of Reid Mihalko and Marcia Baczynski, the co-creators of Cuddle Party TM (Started in Feb 2004.) Although it is important to make a big distinction between the famous Cuddle Parties and  the notorious San Diego based Sacred Snuggles, it is equally important to aknowledge that we are standing on their shoulders and gathered tremendous inspiration from their  their clean, safe, high integrity events which are still being held throughout the world.
Next I want to thank my faithful Snuggle Angels through the years: Michael McClure, Roxanne DePalma, James Schmachtenberger, Monique Darling, Cheri Reeder, Tahl Gruer, Keli Lalita and Adam Paulman.
And of course I want to acknowledge all participants who came and made these parties so pleasurable!  Over 7 years, if we held an average of 10 per year with an average of 30 attendees, at least half of which were new, a conservative estimation of participants is over a Thousand!

Love Big,
Kamala Devi

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