Top 10 reasons why I love My Life Partner, Michael on his 50th Birthday!

It’s Michael’s 50th birthday!
Michael licks he liberty ell

I am blessed to have spent over a 5th of our lives together, and in love. I ‘m proud to share with the world my 10 ten list of the infinite reasons why I love my Michael Man.

#10. Two words: Vegan bodybuilding.

#9. He opens doors for me, literally and figuratively. He carries my bags, fixes things around the house and catches spiders. He is a gentleman, handyman and as you know, a ladies man ;)

#8. He is comfortable enough in his sexuality to wear pink, cry at movies, and sometimes he even lets me be on top ;)

#7. He takes such pleasure out of sharing the sweetest things in life. Especially women and dessert ;)

#6. When we wake up in each other’s arms, he often asks me what I dreamt, sometimes even when I’m still dreaming.

#5. He is a passionate tree-hugger. He is as wild bout Mother Earth as he is about me, and shares his love with wild and dirty nature hikes and sunset walks.

#4. He doesn’t believe most the things I say when I’m upset. And when I’m stuck in my head–he knows how to get me back into my body ;)

#3. When I mispronounce something, he does not correct me. Instead, he will make an oral sex bet and swiftly check google to see if I am wrong.

#2. When I was pregnant, he sang and strummed guitar to my womb, and never stopped, even though our son is seven.

#1.  For no reason at all.  Our love has no cause or conditions; it is both unreasonable and undeniable.

Michael n devin tricycle

2 of My favorite Michael quotes:

“Be the porn you want to see in the world” –Ethical Stud

“Sex is Good, Group sex is better.”–MM

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