Leon Feingold Announces First Polyamory Apartment Complex in New York

NY Poly ApartmentI know it’s not “politically correct” to be jealous when your Polyamorous. But I’ll admit…I’m downright envious of New York’s first polyamory apartment complex for beating us to the punch. My lovers and I have been visioning, talking, and even doing sex magic to manifest a polyamory palace where we can all live together. We imagine more of a hotel, where people can retreat and play, but the details are still in the works. In any case, Here’s a big shout out and a Heart-felt congratulations to Leon Feingold and his lovers!  Read on for the 411:

A residential building in Bushwick (located in Brooklyn) is being renovated as a polyamory apartment complex, where like-minded individuals can enjoy New York in a nonjudgmental environment.

Located on Troutman Street, one block from the Myrtle Avenue M stop, it is known as the Hacienda Villa and is owned by a member of the poly community who will live there with his girlfriend when the renovations are completed in July.  Half of the rooms have already been rented out!

The three-story building has 15 bedrooms, some with private bathrooms.  Each of the three floors is a separate apartment with 4-6 bedrooms, ranging in price from $750 to $1500, including a fabulous kitchen.  In the community areas are a hot tub as well as a gazebo and wet-bar.

Leon Feingold is the co-founder and co-president of the polyamorist group Open Love New York.  Check out their website at OpenLoveNY.com.  He is also the realtor for the building.

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