Summer Solstice 2014: Tantra Sutra Quotes by Kamala Devi

Kamala Devi in waterfall on eco sex hike in hawaii

Dear Gentle Reader,
During the long hot days of summertime, most thoughts melt like ripe watermelon and sweet corn in my mouth with a lingering after-taste. Some fleeting insights strike me like unexpected lightning in a flash flood. I’ve made it a practice to capture them like fire flies and pin them on Facebook. Hope they touch you in that private place where they were born. Love, Kamala Devi

P.S. This fun Eco-sex picture was taken during a recent retreat in Maui, Hawaii.

Tantra Sutra Quotes by Kamala Devi


  • Compassion is that place where my heart turns inside out, and meets itself again.
  • My heart bursts into shrapnels, in service to Cupid, who needs frequent target practice.
  • Allow the storm to move through, if you root yourself in love, I will still be here when it passes.
  • When you are in love, be gentle, you are responsible for holding a precious piece of their heart in yours.
  • When asked why it is so easy for me to be intimate with strangers, I answer, to the degree that I know myself, there are no strangers.
  • My head doesn’t always want to drop my inhibitions, get emotionally naked, and melt the illusion of separation between us…but my heart does.
  • You need not drink another’s blood, or die to the daylight –to find immortality– instead sip from the love that emanates from the human heart and savor the light that radiates between each breath.
  • I admit to over analyzing love.


  • Your inappropriate humor makes me want to spread my legs.
  • I am a bliss bunny, and I am not alone. In this sex repressed culture, it is a political stance, who’s with me?
  • If emotional maturity means nobody’s responsible for my feelings except myself, then if I’m sexually mature, who’s responsible for my orgasm?


  • My love is too free for this fleshy frame, it flows in and out of form, weaving a etheric fabric between me and the un manifest.
  • I do not end where my skin begins, but I do enjoy exploring the heightened concentration of consciousness that meets me there.
  • When the story of separation strikes, it’s like a thunderstorm under my skin. Reality sails away like a kite, and I struggle to reel in the string.
  • YOU ARE HERE. Even when there is a gap between where you are, and where you want to be, it’s always good to know where you are
  • Intuition is a gift, which, I recently learned the hard way, must be paired with curiosity, lest it turn into an assumption that deludes me from reality.


  • My father just told me his love for me is greater than his prejudice against polyamory.
  • I practice transparency to the fullest extent possible, while preserving the principle of privacy.
  •  We are leaning into love. The deeper we fall, the higher the stakes. All these years, we were afraid of losing love and breaking hearts, so we would retreat to our respective comfort zones. But we are not alone. Look in the mirror, see– love can’t be lost– it’s the mind and ego that are melting. So let’s lean together, into the unknown.
  • Why do I suddenly get a warm rush of affection in my womb, every time I hear a lover cry?


  • I am retracting my claws and showing you my soft underbelly. Be gentle with me.
  • Feeling vulnerable–nothing to hide beneath–this is me: I act and say that which I feel and think, the moment it moves through me.
  • If you like my presentation, don’t copy me, copy my authenticity.
  • Hey, here’s an an idea: instead of complaining about how things are not going your way, why not ask for what you want?
  • I am healthy, abundant, free, making a difference in the world, surrounded by deep like-minded community, have a devoted family that loves me and yet… sometimes, even I get insecure and feel alone, broken, unwanted and question my worthiness.



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4 thoughts on “Summer Solstice 2014: Tantra Sutra Quotes by Kamala Devi

  1. I love your quotes. and agree with all of them. Your poetry is touching my heart and my soul.
    Wiish I were near you. When are you coming to NYC?

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