What Does Polyamory Have to Do with Sacred Sexuality? Free Online Conference

Kamala Devi InterviewEnjoy this video from the recent Conscious Sexuality and Relationship Online Conference and find out: What does polyamory have to do with sacred sexuality?

This is a one-of-a-kind online event that took a fresh and inspiring approach to relationship and sexuality that unites science, psychology, spirituality, and cutting-edge insights. This video interview is with Marc David and Emily Rosen, founders of The Institute for Conscious Sexuality and Relationship who created a huge successful Online Conference. Learn more and purchase recordings from other top experts in the field of sacred sexuality here: http://bit.ly/1nL3qlH.

The Conscious Sexuality and Relationship Conference featured 40+ experts who share innovative ideas and daring insights in these fascinating realms. This highly unique online conference was live from May 12-16th 2014. The good news is, even though the event is over, you can still purchase the conference for $147. This includes digital downloads of all audios, videos and transcripts for each interview.We truly believe you’ll receive great value from these informational and inspiring interviews.

conscious sexuality conference

Some of the Conference Topics include: cutting edge research on sex, biology and the brain
; a deeper understanding of tantra, the future of love and relationship, evolutionary psychology looks at sex and relationship, mindful loving, 
communicating desire, new visions in relationship, the unique psychology of men, sex and relationship; 
the unique psychology of women, sex and relationship; ancient wisdom teachings, orgasmic meditation, modern insights from clinical sex therapy, insights and strategies from fascinating couples, and so much more!

You’ll enjoy a truly diverse group of experts including:  Arielle Ford, Dr. Geoffrey Miller, Anyaa McAndrew, Tammy Nelson, Charles Muir, Henry Grayson, Richard Anton Diaz, Nicole Daedone, Caroline Muir, Deborah Anapol, Dr. Jenni Skyler, Dr. Patti Britton, Dr. Jen Landa, and lots more. It’s an incredible community of teachers and wisdom-leaders. The goal is to create an exciting, honest, and powerful new conversation that allows us to discover our truest sexual and relationship potentials.  http://bit.ly/1nL3qlH
We hope you’ll join in!

For more information about polyamory, download a copy of the e-book Polyamory Roadmap from our KamalaDevi.com Store.

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