Great Polyamory Hate Mail from Facebook!

Hate MailIt’s not that I like “hate mail” per se, but not everyone agrees with my lifestyle or opinions.  While this is fine, and I usually simply embrace the diversity and/or ignorance that I receive as a comment, I recently received a Facebook comment that was intriguing enough to share with my friends.  I honestly wasn’t sure how to respond, so I asked for suggestions.  I had no idea what a firestorm I was creating!  So far I’ve received 169 comments, so I must have touched a nerve!

Here is what I said in my Facebook post and some of the great responses.  Can’t wait to hear what YOU think!!!

Okay.  Here goes!  This is what I said …

Hate mail continues to trickle in, and typically I delete it without paying much heed; but this one I couldn’t resist. How should I reply?

Not judging you, but God created the holy institution of marriage; the bonding of soul to soul, needed in order to merge back into Him.

Encouraging one to seek “sex” outside of a marriage is like slapping God directly in His face.

You’re playing with fire; Maya no doubt has his grips on you… I would stop encouraging married couples to engage in tantra or polyamory.

You may feel justified in doing so, but you’re really doing a disservice to God. You’re not going to like your life review when you have to, one day, give up your ghost.

Hmmm…. well, I received LOTS of comments, ranging from the humorous to the philosophical.  Here are a few of my favorites.

“Why would you have to give up your ghost?” – H.M.

“Well…it sounds opinionated but not hateful. I think we can all live our lives as we please as long as everyone is okay. I don’t think anyone can speak for God, Goddess, or anything in between. And since most believe that those energies speak through all of us…no one can interpret which message is true and which is not…because it’s all truth.” – R.C.

“Well the deepest Tantrika within me asks….how can you bridge the gap of separation between yourself and this person? After all, Tantra is to weave, to unite. To just defend “my way” and diss “your way” leaves us in separation. The most profound, the most healing, and the most tantric response would be the response that transforms separation into unity. Good luck.” – S.S.

“See you in Heaven, Goddess!  If her God won’t give you a good grade, Goddess will.  I believe in you.”  — C.M.

“Also, we as souls….don’t give up the ghost. You continue to evolve and grow in love and see things more clearly once in another dimension with God. When your soul returns to heaven, God opens the door and says welcome home. It is wonderful to see the love you shared on earth.” – L.I.

“If God wants us all to be married and monogamous, then why does She make so many of us who are not? Only humans judge and condemn. God is Love.” – A.M.

“I am christian and i am bi and poly. I dont like how christian gets a bad name. I am proud of who i am. But struggle here in the bible belt. I am happily married to a man and i have had a girlfriend too. That doesn’t make me less christian. I just ignore ignorance. I really sometimes wish i didn’t live here.” — R.C.

“It’s just about LOVE …” – S.P. 

“How ignorant can it get? God (Whatever that is) didn’t invent marriage. Man did to protect property rights.” – T.H.

Well, now you’ve heard some of the comments.  What is YOUR opinion?!

Oh, and if you disagree or would simply like to know more about polyamory before making a judgment, pick up a copy of my book Polyamory Roadmap which is available in the online store.  It’s available for immediate download, and I think you’ll love it!

I’m looking forward to your feedback!




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6 thoughts on “Great Polyamory Hate Mail from Facebook!

  1. I asked God about this. Is marriage a unity between two people only? God said he put us on earth to learn to love each other. Not one person more then the next person as we are all the same. Made in His liking. Since Kamala knows how to love many and doesn’t choose to love one more then the other, she is closer to God Truth. Really. He said this. ;-)

  2. Religion is like a toothbrush…potentially very useful for the individual who posses it but generally not something to be shared with others. Obviously, we have differing opinions about who/what god is. I won’t burden you with mine. My very best to you and your deity.

  3. I think it’s best to first of all respect the diversity of opinions. This individual is obviously a Christian who has Biblical support for his views and there’s little doubt he is alone in his approach and condemnation of the practice poly. In my opinion, it’s important to address these comments with knowledge, respect and compassion as he essentially represents the widespread fundamental Christian view of sexuality and marriage as monogamous and it’s not going away soon. As a rebuttal to these comments I would address the tone of his remarks. IMO his “report card” version of going before God and his attempt to interpret what God may do with your “life review” is reductionist. When Christians begin to tell you what God will do with your “resume”, this type of judgmental and reductionist thinking is contrary to true Christian love and values and should be rejected.

    It’s also important to point out that polygamy was acceptable in the Old Testament. The Bible clearly points out that Abraham, Jacob, David, etc. had multiple wives and sex partners. In fact, when David has sex with Bathsheba and then has her husband killed in battle so he can have his wife (In it he wrote, “Put Uriah out in front where the fighting is fiercest. Then withdraw from him so he will be struck down and die.”), God later scolds David for his dastardly deed through the prophet Nathan: ‘Then Nathan said to David, “You are the man! This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘I anointed you king over Israel, and I delivered you from the hand of Saul. I gave your master’s house to you, and your master’s wives into your arms. I gave you all Israel and Judah. And if all this had been too little, I would have given you even more”‘. God seems to be indicating here that if David had wanted more of anything, including wives he would have given them to David. The Song of Solomon is one of the most erotic pieces of ancient literature, yet Christians are rarely taught the true meanings of the obviously sexually interplay throughout this Old Testament book.

    Interesting as well that in the New Testament, there are 5 virgins in the wedding chambers (the bedroom) with the Bridegroom (Jesus Christ) to initiate the new age of the Kingdom with sexual union, ultimately providing a consummation to the marriage of the Bride (Church) and Bridegroom. Did Jesus have sex? I tend to think so. He was a man with normal desires for the opposite sex. In fact, a group of women followed Jesus along with the Twelve and they took care of His needs out of their own substance. This group of female disciples are called “the women” by Luke in the Gospels and in Acts. Jesus was the first Jewish teacher to have women disciples. And for a Jewish woman to leave her home and travel with a Jewish teacher was not only exotically rare, but it was considered scandalous.

    I do think it’s important to be sensitive to those who disagree with your chosen approach to sexuality. Not sure if your recall it, but I wrote you Kamala while you were doing the Showtime sessions and warned you about such condemnation. If we respond in a spirit of love and respect, we do no harm.

  4. I love how open and honest you are I wish I was so brave could not stop watching saw both seasons in one day looking forward to season three hurry also you should do a poly Chicago just a suggestion;-)

  5. Wow…the person who wrote this email must be incredibly powerful because they are able to actually talk to God, and know exactly what it is that HE wants. And they just spoke to HIM, that is pretty impressive. And they are able to translate HIS message to everyone, and it is very clear that HE wants…….. Oh wait, HE is speaking directly to me right now, this very minute, and HE is saying, “mind your business, and stop judging other people’s sex lives.”

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