Fun Crossword Puzzle Teaches New Polyamory Vocabulary.

Poly relationships are inherently complex. From the outside looking in, they can be confusing. Because of their multifaceted and dynamic nature, non-monogamous relationships even warrant their own language: Poly Jargon. Some people venture to call it a science: Poly-geometry. Here’s a fun crossword Puzzle to test your vocabulary, or help you learn some new poly terms.

Polyamory Crossword


1. Triadic group sex.

4. A geometric figure with three sides and three angles.

9. A pun to indicate having so many lovers that one is not currently
seeking or open to new partners.

11. An umbrella acronym which refers to a broad range of power
exchange practices such as bondage,dominance and submission,and or

16. A Term coined in mid 80’s by Zhahai Stewart to refer to the
intense and addictive bio-chemical rush of falling in love.
Relationships are said to become more sustainable or to dissolve after
NRE wears off.

21. Sounds like the name of a bank, doesn’t it? This term was Coined
in the late 70’s by Kerista community in San Francisco. It refers to a
relationship of more than two individuals who have made a commitment
to keep sexual contact exclusive within the group. In other words,
they restrict sexual activity with outside partners. More partners can
be added with every one’s consent.

23. The partner who has seniority or the strongest bond. They are
considered the highest priority and given the most time and energy.
Often primary partners live together or are committed by marriage or

24. Someone who is attracted to both sexes.

25. A sexual exchange involving more than two participants at the same
time. Also known as an Orgy.


2. A new term defined by Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt. A slut
as “a person of any gender who has the courage to lead life according
to the radical proposition that sex is nice and pleasure is good for
you.” It refers to anyone willing to engage and accept the pleasure of
sex in ethical and open way.

3. An umbrella term for ethical non-exclusive relationships such as
swinging and polyamory, this term implies there are explicit
agreements, especially around safe sex.

4. Three people involved in a loving relationship with any combination
of intimate bonds. An EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE is where three people are
equally involved with both of the others.

5. A word created from the literal Greek roots “Many Loves.”

6. A four way relationship, typically referring to two couples
together or a foursome actually in relationship.

7. Any relationship in which partners are allowing the exchange of
bodily fluids and having barrier-free intercourse.

8. When condoms are not used in the primary relationship, but are used
when having sex with other people. In other words, the couple
practices safe sex with everyone else.

10. Not knowing french, Kamala Devi misspelled this word and therefore
you get a freebie: Ménage à trois is the French term describing a
domestic arrangement in which three people having sexual relations
occupy the same household.

12. The second relationship in terms of time or priority.

13. This term was coined by the ZEGG community in Germany this term
refers to the positive feelings one gets when a lover is enjoying
another relationship. Also referred to as the opposite of “jealous”

14. A committed partnership, sometimes a marriage, where both partners
are open to active sexual and/or intimate relationships with other

15. A three-person relationship where one person has two lovers, but
those two lovers are not as closely connected with each other.
Geometric arrangements involving four persons can be described as an
“N” or “Z”.

17. A marriage in which men have multiple wives who may live together
or each may have their own homes.

18. Often referred to as “THE LIFESTYLE” used to be called “WIFE
SWAPPING.” Includes a wide range of sexual activities commonly
conducted as an organised social activity between three or more
people. It’s often engaged in by a primary couple and can be seen as a
modified version of monogamy, involving sexual exploration without
romantic or emotional bonds. Friendships and Bisexuality amongst women
are considered OK but usually male homosexuality is usually not. The
Lifestyle subculture has it’s own conferences, gatherings, parties,
magazines, websites, email groups.

19. A marriage in which individuals have multiple spouses. Also known
as a Plural Marriage.

20. is a Sanskrit word that literally means “expansion through
awareness.” An esoteric and embodied spiritual discipline that
involves an integration of the opposites. Western Tantra Partners may
practice sacred sex to worship the goddess or transcend the sensual
experiences of the body together.

22. When the primary partner is given the power to approve or veto any
outside relationships. If the primary partner does not approve, then
the new relationship is not allowed to continue.

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