Ninja Jokes by Non-Monogamous Masters Kamala Devi and Reid Mihalko

vReid Mihalko and I created a DVD that is called Earning Your Black Belt in Polyamory: 10 Secret Exercises for Relationship Mastery by Top Ethical Non-Monogamous Ninjas, which is available for immediate download in our Store.

But then we started joking around and ended up with this Ninja Jokes reel which I’m sharing with you for free right here.  You can also view it on YouTube at  Enjoy!!!

I’m proud to have produced the first instructional DVD on polyamory with relationship rock star Reid Mihalko. Here’s the true story of why we refer to ourselves as Ethical Ninjas.

Dressed from head to toe in solid black, with only a slit for their eyes, Ninjas move purposefully but silently through the night. They are mostly hidden, but are known to come out on Halloween, at comic book conventions, in video arcades, and in certain James Bond movies. As such, there are gross misunderstandings and stereotypes about Ninjas.

In Japanese history, Ninjas were devoted warriors highly trained in the unorthodox arts of self defense, illusion, espionage, and of course assassination. So, what do Ninjas have to do with polyamory?

Let’s see.  We’re often feared and misunderstood. Some of us are secretive and go undercover. We’re misrepresented by the media. Both Ninjas and non-monogamists need a lot of unorthodox training, but beyond that … not much.

Come to think of it, the philosophy of polyamory is the antithesis of ninjitzu. Love not war. Instead of the art of illusion and deception we practice openness and honesty. Instead of covering up from head to toe, we’re often busy trying to take it off. But we figured if Ann Rice got famous by drawing a parallel between vampires and homosexuals, we could come up with a cool mascot too.

Reid and I had so much fun creating our Ninja-themed DVD that we decided to make a Ninja Jokes reel as a bonus feature. Though this short clip is mostly silly, there is deep, rich and informative content on the rest of the video and it can be purchased online at our Store, which is located at:

Above all, the most important thing that we share with Ninjas is that we are renegades … we’re not living our lives by mainstream rules. As such there may be a lot of unlearning to do. The intention of this DVD handbook is an unorthodox indoctrination to a new world view on love, sex and freedom. We hope to empower you with all the skills, tools and resources you need to step into your full sexual expression.

Let us know what you think. And if you are too silent to leaving a comment, at least send us a picture of you dressed like a Ninja!

~ by Kamala Devi, Sex and Relationship Author, Activist and Goddess 

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