Highlights of ZEGG Forum Facilitation Training workshop with Sarah Taub, Adam Paulman & Kamala Devi

cuddle-a-thon at ZEGG forum facilitation weekendIf you have never experienced ZEGG Forum, you have probably never sat in a sacred circle of conscious individuals who form a field of non- judgmental acceptance so strong it feels like you’re in the belly of the empty Buddha who’s witnessed the play of life unfolding without judgement.

I am honored to have co-created such a powerful circle during our ZEGG Forum Facilitation Training weekend in San Diego with approx 30 skilled participants and two highly skilled co-facilitators, Sarah Taub and Adam Paulman.

Keep reading if you want some juicy highlights from our weekend. Yet, if you want to learn more about what ZEGG Forum is, go to the source: http://www.zegg-forum.org/

My personal highlight involved exposing my own jealousy and relationship challenges with the entire community! Roxanne, Michael, and his girlfriend at the time shared how difficult it has been adjusting out of a conventional marriage into a poly household. We all got emotionally naked and bonded while sharing our dirty laundry!

Afterwards, we polled the attendees about their “highs,” “lows” and whether or not they’d recommend this workshop to others.  Here’s what they had to say:

Top 10 highlights about the weekend:

  1. The group “container” was awesome… The facilitators led by example and thus the safety they created encouraged participants to speak their truth.  The building of group acceptance and openness was extraordinary!
  2. The blend of facilitators Kamala Devi, Sarah Taub and Adam Paulman was excellent! Their varied skills complemented each other.
  3. I realized that what we often share with others are only “stories;” we can choose them, and we can reveal them.
  4. The teachings on specific techniques used for freeing energy and emotions was great!
  5. The clarity of Sarah Taub’s communication, combined with her handouts / typed notes was great and so helpful.  Kamala Devi’s clarity and her ability to constantly acknowledge and move through whatever was presented in the moment was exemplary.
  6. The small-group practice time was so helpful! Being able to practice the skills as we learned them, and then being critiqued by experienced facilitators was invaluable.
  7. I loved the saturday night performance pieces! They were both fun and educational!
  8. Forum is a wonderful way to suspend judgement and see much deeper. The process of “mirrors” allowed me to experiment with sharing in ways that I haven’t felt comfortable with before. It showed me I can be “in service to others” when I share in such a direct way.
  9. The insights into facilitation, and the demonstrations of lines of inquiry to use to guide the process of self exploration, I along with the revelation, were just what I needed to augment my current coaching and facilitation skill-set. I can see so many possibilities for the application of ZEGG Forum in my community and personal life.
  10. The workshop “worked!” It had a great structure & design, with a building of skills in progression.


In the spirit of transparency, here are top 5 lowlights participants shared about the weekend:

  1. The workshop just wasn’t long enough. I would consider offering a 2 weekend course that allowed for practice forums, or study groups during the week in between; or a 5 day workshop with 8 hour days that allowed for integration in the evenings, and more practice time during the days.
  2. Not being able to practice more, and the lack of combined “forum practice time” given over the course of the workshop weekend, was disappointing. I want more practice.
  3. I found myself exhausted by the long days. I would have preferred shorter days spread out over more time.
  4. I was distracted by other observers during the participants “share” and thus I would have liked more direction for the group from the facilitators about “how to listen” and how to contain your outwardly visible reactions instead of being so distracting. (twitching, sighing, body movements, eating etc. were distractors for me.)
  5. The bloopers and blunders segment, and its corresponding practice piece, took too much time away from actual facilitation practice that we could have done.

Here are a handful of testimonials and reviews from participants:

This workshops was both informative and inspiring.  What a great blend of instruction and practice! I would recommend this to anyone wanting proven tools for building & strengthening community. ~  jeanfranzblau.com

ZEGG Forum Facilitation Training was a wonderful, experiential opportunity for learning this valuable community building skill. It not only allows one to learn and become skilled at the”nuts and bolts” technical aspects of facilitation, but it also simultaneously gives you a first-hand experience of how it is to open yourself more, and both speak and act from different sides of the table. What a fantastic learning circle, and community building immersion! Thank you to the consummate facilitators and their support team. ~ Tresa Yung (tresayung.com)

This workshop delivered what it promised; it provided experience and the tools to share. The power of ZEGG Forum – creating deepened sharing, community, connection, transparency and authenticity! Thank you! BIG love and gratitude!

This workshop was SO potent; and this practice is So valuable! WOW!  I want everyone to do this type of training. I especially enjoyed the forum training with Kamala Devi’s teachings mixed in. All of the embodiment activities were really helpful and important, and something that I feel is missing from many educational trainings. ~ Flow  www.MysticDoorway.com

This workshop was absolutely 100% worth my time, energy and money! I walked away with increased facilitation skills, a feeling of pure acceptance, and connection with each person in attendance. ~  Tracy Wells

This was a palpable, experiential, taster weekend on a tool that has the capacity to safely and authentically guide people toward love and growth. This weekend is an eye opener and a heart expander.  If you want to learn awareness. I highly recommend it!


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2 thoughts on “Highlights of ZEGG Forum Facilitation Training workshop with Sarah Taub, Adam Paulman & Kamala Devi

  1. this workshop started off right with attention to the body and continued to be so nuturing spiritually, psychologically, physically, etc…I went to the Forum session at Adam’s house which was so clear.
    The participants in the workshop were warm, friendly and open.
    I want more and look forward to summer camp in OR so I can play IG for several days as well as experience community life and the Forum.
    I am very grateful for the handouts as the pointers are useful.
    The facilitators were teachers that encouraged our usining the tools they modeled.

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