Crash Course in Chakras from the New Edition of Kamala Devi’s Tantra Novel

Kamala Devi dances w clientTake an exciting ride through India in this mind blowing Tantra Novel about the ultimate personal growth journey, called: Don’t Drink the Punch. This steamy love story was originally channeled after Kamala Devi’s personal pilgrimage with a sacred sex guru to the source of Tantra. It has been out of print for 3 years, and the 1st edition autographed copies were selling on ebay for over $100 bucks! We have re-printed and it’s available you can get your own copy for only $19  in paperback, PDF, and Kindle.  Buy this book in our STORE!

Meanwhile, here is an erotic excerpt from the book which gives a crash course in chakras. Enjoy the sneak peek!!  …

After settling a bit, Sara begins to prepare the room. She draws the curtains shut, which drastically dims the lighting. “It amazes me how loud Bangkok is, and we’re three stories up!” she says, while fussing with the controls on the radio, which is connected to the master control center for the room.

At her fingertips, she holds the control for the lights, A/C, TV and radio. She tunes into an instrumental classic Thai station. At first, it sounds like background porno music, but after a few bars, it begins to sooth my anxious excitement.

She takes off her cargo pants and socks and crawls into the center of the bed. “Okay, you ready?” she asks, kneeling in her panties and patting the bed beside her as an invitation.

“What do I have to do?” I ask.

“First, Mr. Open-mind, I want you to Reiki me.”

“I would, if I knew how.”

“You don’t have to know anything, just follow your intuition. I’m going to sit here with my eyes closed, and you’re going to pretend like you’re cleaning my aura.”

“Okay, and how long do I have to do that for?”

“Until you’re finished. You will know when you’re done, and don’t touch me. I mean it. I can tell if you’re even thinking about it,” Sara warns.

“No peeking,” I say, moving my hands about. I’m thinking this makes for great foreplay, but eventually self-consciousness arises and I wonder what the hell I’m doing. After some time, the song ends. I think, saved by the bell.

“Okay,” I say.

“Thank you. Wow! How was that? What did you feel?”

“I don’t know. Different stuff, I suppose.”

“You want to know what I felt?” she asks.

I nod.

“At first I felt incredibly sexual and sort of scared you were going to grope me, but I eventually relaxed, and it felt like you were just admiring me. That made me feel beautiful, I mean really gorgeous. Then it felt sort of silly and in the end you just stopped.”

“Are you psychic or something? When you asked me what I was feeling, I was like … I don’t know, it wasn’t really clear, but when you explained … it was exactly what I felt,” I say.

“Yeah, well, just practice listening to how you feel more, and you too can impress your friends with a new party trick.”

“I’m serious,” I reply.

“So am I. You want to lay down for the next exercise.” Upon command, I fall straight back onto the bed.

“Wait. First, do you know what the chakras are?” Sara asks me.

“I’ve heard about them. I had a personal trainer at my gym who used to say, ‘lift from your root chakra,’ or something like that.”

“Right. Well, there are seven main chakras, or energy centers and they are located up the sushumna, or central energy channel in the spine. They’re not really in the body but they correlate to areas in the body like the tailbone, navel and forehead. I like to think of them as part of the subtle body.”

“Like in the Matrix II, when Keanu Reeves reaches into Trinity to bring her back to life?”

“Right, that’s Hollywood’s version of subtle body for you. Anyway, when we bring our attention to those areas, it balances the body and brings our awareness out of the world of form and into the subtle realm. One of the most bonding things that you can do is practice this with another person. Don’t worry. I’ll talk you through it. First, you’ve got to get comfortable. You want to take off your pants?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” I kid.

“We’ll start spooning. Usually the man goes behind the woman, because he’s bigger, but in this case, it’s probably less distracting if I’m back here. Lie on your side facing the window, and close your eyes. Do you want to take anything else off?”

She wrestles around a bit to remove her t-shirt. So I decide, what the hell, I’ll take mine off too. “I like having you curled up behind me,” I say, feeling her cool, bare breasts on my back.

“It works out better this way. It’s hard to give yoga instruction when there’s a loaded gun at my back.”

We laugh together, and then she tries to control her giggles and encourages me to settle back into my breathing.

“Notice how the belly rises when you inhale and falls when you exhale. Now, see if you can relax a little more. Do whatever you need to make yourself completely comfortable.”

I sigh.

“Good. Sound is good. Feel free to yawn or moan. Now, drop your awareness down into your spine. Notice your hips and relax your buttocks. Find your tailbone. Visualize the color red. Red is basic, the beginning of the spectrum. Consider your basic needs and instincts. Know that they are provided for you. Food, water, and shelter flow to you as easily as fresh oxygen. Breath red energy into this area, releasing any concerns you might have about money or security….” As she goes on speaking, I notice the red, relaxed sensation is not just in my spine, but also all the way down my legs and at the bottoms of my feet.

After some time of breathing deeply together, she directs my awareness to my penis and balls and instructs me to breathe a bright orange light into the space below my belly button. Everything down there feels alive and exciting. It is sexual, but not aggressive. It’s like the warmth I feel before an erection.

She tells me to visualize my pelvis as a bowl and to imagine it filling with sensual energy. Right when it feels like orange liquid is about to overflow and squirt out all over the sheets, she shifts my attention up to the solar plexus. There is a bright yellow sunburst radiating in all directions. I see it like the sun except that it’s not blinding, just warm and strong. This is me, my soul. I am the sun and everything upon which it shines.

Reaching the heart, I become aware of my entire chest, not just the front, but also the space between my shoulder blades. She calls it the back door to my heart. I can feel Sara’s heart beating behind me. It feels like love, exhilarating and bottomless. The visual is a gorgeous green field, like fields of tall grass without limits. Sara and I are melting into them.

When Sara instructs me to focus on my throat area, I balk. I don’t want to leave this space. My field melts into a blue-green body of water. We’re together still, standing at the shore, just holding hands. The clear water invites me, but I’m paralyzed. My body’s a lead weight. I want to go in, but I’m stuck. Nothing’s moving. Nothing’s happening, and I’m feeling panic in the back of my throat. What am I afraid of? I don’t understand it, and I want to scream.

I hear Sara encouraging me to focus on the space between my eyes, and the water surges into a huge wall rushing towards us, crashing down and smashing us into oblivion. I melt under a thick blanket of unconsciousness. After…I don’t know how long, I hear voices, soft feminine laughter, but I can’t tell who is laughing.

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