Juicy January Invitations from Kamala Devi

1) A Love Note from My Heart
2) Save $100 on ZEGG Forum Facilitation TONIGHT
3) ATTENTION: Healers, Coaches, & Teachers… 
4) New Dates: Tantra Talks/ Poly Potlucks & Sacred Snuggles

New Years at harbin sex magic

1) I’m still taking pleasure in…”Leaning into growing pains,
with the community as our container,
droping concepts of primary, non or plural,
In search of something still unknown…

Yet, we are not the pioneers,
It is LOVE that is leading us.”

Meanwhile, I’m directing my white HOT
creative passion into new event curriculum.
So, please, if you would, do me 3 favors…

A) Review the invitations below.
B) Write them in your calendar.
C) Come out and PLAY with us.

Because you deserve more PLEASRUE in 2014!

Kamala Devi
P.S. Did you miss my Annual Year in Review Letter?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

2) Save $100 by Midnight TONIGHT

Early Bird Dsciount for Zegg Forum Facilitation Weekend Training

With Sarah Taub Ph.D. and Kamala Devi and Adam Paulman
Non-Residential Training runs Jan. 31-Feb.2 in San Diego
(Plus Optional Evening introduction to ZEGG Forum on Jan. 23rd 6:45pm)In over 30 years of our combined experience as community leaders,
this is the most powerful community building tool we’ve ever encountered.
The Forum has game-changing potential,
are ready to practice it as a facilitator!?

About ZEGG Forum:
This is a deep and intimate community building communication practice.
The aim is to reveal whatever is authentic, alive, and true.
One person steps forward to reveal him or herself in words, movement, or sound;
the group supports the self-revelation with compassionate attention,
and provides feedback in the form of “mirrors.”
Trusted facilitators are the “midwives” of the process.

Only $197 for the 2.5 days of Transformative Training
If you register  by MIDNIGHTJan. 15th
Otherwise the event is still a bargain at $297
Contact kalidas@kamaladevi.com for questions.


3) CALLING OUT: Authors, Healers, and Coaches…

who want to make a unique contribution to the field,
have a breakthrough in business
while building sex-positive community!The key to avoiding break down and burn out,
in the field of sex education is to surround yourself
with high-level lovers who are supportive, inspiring
and hold you accountable your potential.
Imagine how your mission would thrive if you had
expert mentorship in a professional mastermind.

a 9-Month Mastermind and Mentorship Program

Check out the basic overview of this advanced training program,
it includes the bottom line. Read it, and let me know if you are called
to join my vision is to create a global network of Love Leaders
who are building sex positive communities in every city!
CLICK HERE for more information & inspiration!


4) Recurring Monthly Events in 2014:

2nd Saturdays: Sacred Snuggle Parties~ 6:45p in SD
2nd Thursdays: Polyamory Potlucks~ 6:45p in SD
3rd Thurs: Tantra Talks~6:45p
3rd Thurs: “Poly Pillow Talk” Online ~12Noon PST Anywhere
Poly Palooza Oct. 9-13th Hotel Take-over in Desert Hotsprings!
For up to date details on upcoming events CLICK HERE!
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