Top Ten Tips for Writing Sexy Erotica, Fantasy & Fiction

Written By Guest Writer Claire Jones.

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Erotica is not like pornography, in its style or delivery. Whereas pornography is blunt and gets straight to the point with little or no finesse, erotica stimulates and plays an enchanting game of imagination, leading the reader inexorably towards the grand finale. While some find it easy to step outside the boundaries in their sexual relationships, others rely more upon fantasy to fulfill their sexual needs. Writing good erotica is an art form rather than a science, although there are some great guidelines to make it work well.

#10 Make your Erotica Original

There is so much erotica out there that for anything to rise above the rest and shine, it has to be original. Forget those tired stories about predatory housewives opening the door to the window cleaner in a negligee. Create interest and excitement from the outset by using a novel setting and an unusual plot. Step outside the norm; think outside the box and capture the reader’s interest from the first paragraph.

#9 Mixed Genre

Using a combination of different genre works well in erotica. Coupling science fiction, for example, with erotica makes for an out of this world fantasy which will send the reader’s imagination into the stratosphere. Romance and erotica is always a winner; finding a new edge to love. Everyone loves lovers – give those lovers an extraordinary sex life and the reader will hardly be able to wait to turn the pages. So a writer with a passion to write a particular genre can add erotica to it for a sizzling spectacular.

#8 Decide on the Perspective

Nearly all erotica is related from the female point of view and most readers prefer this; unless writing for the male on male market, when the perspective will naturally be male. Sometimes mixing the perspective, with narrative from both sexes, can work, but needs to be handled carefully to be effective and to keep the storyline on target.

#7 Wish Fulfillment

For many lovers of sexual fiction, erotica is a chance to indulge in fantasies that they cannot satisfy in their everyday lives. They may not have the courage or the opportunity to play out these dreams and reading erotica gives them an opportunity to identify with the characters in the story; allowing them to experience their deepest desires from a safe place without jeopardizing their own relationships. For those who have fantasies which they feel unable to share with their partner or partners, erotica may be their only release. Give the reader what they want; take them on a magical journey through their imagination, where they are allowed to think of behaving in a way that is out of their reach, exciting and tantalizing them all the way to the final climax of the story.

#6 Build a Good Plot

Erotica should be based on a good underlying story line. The story should work even without the sex and should be the main focus, with eroticism playing a secondary role. The characters should be believable and the plot needs to be credible – unless of course you are writing science fiction or adult fantasy based erotica. The reader needs to be able to visualize the scenes you are describing as the story unfolds.

#5 Don’t forget Dialogue and Dynamics

Unless the characters in the fantasy are indulging in unending oral sex, dialogue will inevitably be needed. People do, after all, talk to each other. Dialogue can be used to invite; to tease; to command; and to arouse. Using dialogue helps to build rounded characters and to make them dynamic, imbuing them with energy; and creates a mood for the scene taking place. Fill out their personalities with some detail so that the reader has a sense of knowing them as they relate character traits they have encountered in real life with the protagonists in the story.

#4 Essential Foreplay

Foreplay and erotica have a wonderful relationship. They adore each other and where one is present the other is not far away. Some think that foreplay is more important than the sex act itself and certainly the prelude to sex is often what creates desire and longing for consummation.  Foreplay includes not only direct genital contact, but should extend to giving loving attention to other parts of the body. A good erotic scene will have plenty of emphasis on the initiation of sexual contact; and the skillful advances of the male towards the female as he shows her that he can sustain his ability and interest in pleasing her. Some scenes may depend on the woman taking the lead; and certainly many men find it extremely erotic to take the submissive role, while women often have the innate ability to dominate. To write convincingly about foreplay, kissing, caressing and physical stimulation must be included, with plenty of descriptive narrative to carry the reader on towards the next stage.

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#3 The Sex Act

Writing about penetrative sex is easy. Writing well requires skillful use of descriptive narration, combined with connective dialogue to inform the reader what is happening in the scene. Using the right language is a must to convey what is taking place between the characters in such a way that the reader is drawn into and excited by the narrative. Being explicit and erotic without tipping over into crudity requires finesse, delicacy and a certain amount of metaphor to convey the sense of what is happening without needing to spell it out in the coarsest way possible.

#2 The Climax

There has to be one of course; and maybe more than one. Building the tension through the sex act towards the climax should leave the reader almost literally on the edge of their seat. The cadence of the narrative should lead the reader towards the anticipated release and then abate. This can be successfully repeated to enhance and heighten the sense of sensual tension before allowing the characters, and presumably the reader, to attain satisfaction and its warm afterglow.

#1 After Glow

Once the characters have finished pleasuring each other and the encounter comes to an end, the writer is left with needing to round the story off in such a way that the reader feels satisfied that no loose threads have been left hanging. A positive ending is a must, whether that is accomplished with a “happy ever after” scenario; or perhaps mutual agreement to repeat the encounter at a later date. The latter option of course leaves it wide open for a sequel to be written.

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