[Polyamory Quotes] Kamala Devi’s Sex Sutras on More Love & Open Relationship

“I have one directive that moves in two directions: I love deep and wide.” Polyamory Quotes by:

Kamala Devi Make Love to Life

 Every moment is a doorway, on the other side of which is… now, but most people stay in the hallway walking towards the future or the past. –Kamala Devi

To celebrate the Summer Solstice of 2013, I’m posting my recent collection of relationship musings  and polyamory quotes intended for a larger collection titled: Tantra Sutras and Polyamory Proverbs. These are my ruminations on topics of Love, Polyamory, Tantra, Motherhood and Spirituality. If you “Like” and want daily insight and humor, follow me on Facebook

You say you want to
accept what is
but I say: Fuck It.
Don’t just welcome
the moment, 
embrace it.
Have your way 
with reality,
if you will, 
make love to life!
–Kamala Devi


  • I’ve been told my skin smells like home.
  • I strive to be the version of me that you see.
  • If you want to really hear someone, listen for love.
  • There is a place that we go, unlike anyplace I’ve been, a door just showed up, and you pulled me in.
  • What is the taste of love? Asked the lover. It’s like Air, said I, because if you pay attention, it’s ever present.
  • There is a bridge that crosses over a lot of egoic bullshit to connect our essential selves, that bridge is called love.
  • My heart is not just a bird singing from within it’s cage, or even the spaces between the bars, but it also includes the cage.
  • I am a story teller. The moral of the story is always about love. And I am constantly telling it; even when nobody is listening.
  • “I Love You” feels redundant, whereas “I am you” can get confusing, and “I am Love” seems so obvious…so I settle for marveling at the mystery that we are.
  • The song on the radio may think it’s about love, but if you listen carefully you’ll hear: obsession, lack, competition, ownership and entitlement–a poetic cry to fill the hole in the human heart.
  • Years from now, we will enter marriage because of our commitment to LOVE, not social pressure, and the color of our skin, gender, spirituality or openness to loving others, will be of no concern–how many years from now that will be–is up to us.


  • God is the only one that gets me.
  • Help! I’m trapped in a house of mirrors.
  • …and then life became like a lucid dream, wherein everyone I met was an aspect of me.
  • There is no excuse for betraying yourself, not even the perception that you will loose acceptance from those that you love.


  • The best laid plans usually involve plans to get laid.
  • In my household, having a headache, cramps or the blues is just an excuse to make more love!
  • I don’t need to have an orgasm for sex to be amazing, and conversely, I don’t need sex to have an amazing Orgasm!
  • There are few things that a great orgasm can’t solve, or at least that’s how it seems for the duration of the climax and however long the afterglow lasts.


  • Polyamory: More fun than a barrel of bonobos!
  • Despite the stereotype, all poly people do not wear polyester!
  • My boyfriend told me I had a slutty heart…and your probably thinking…which boyfriend?
  • I will not be not seduced into the irrational fear that my partner’s attraction for other women somehow reflects a lack in my partnership.
  • If I were marooned on a desert island…I would NEVER be able to chose between all my lovers!
  • My girlfriend Jennifer almost called out her boyfriend Jesse’s name today during sex, which turned me on even more!


  • It wasn’t until I became a mother that I got a glimpse of the challenges my own mom was faced with.
  • During our recent camping trip, Michael’s new girlfriend Rachel fell in love with Devin (6) and jokingly asked: How would you like to have a new mom? He thought about it and said: I’ve already got three. Oh Really? I asked him who his Moms were he said: You, Mamma Claudia (his nanny) and Jennifer Gold. 
  • Devin told a friend of ours that his mom is half Mexican so our friend asked him which half? Devin thought for a moment then replied: “She speaks Spanish, so I think it’s the top half “


  • I live on the edge of appropriateness.
  • Your third eye belongs on my forehead.
  • Never underestimate the power of the placebo.
  • As far as I know, Earth is the only planet I have lived on.
  • There is no apology for my degree of indulgence in ecstasy.
  • Im learning to accept abundance by asking without attachment.
  • Sappho’s words are sweet, but she knew nothing of how to pleasure a modern woman.
  • Spring: A curious season in which I compulsively look out windows to see what is emerging.
  • I’ve always been a good storyteller, that comes naturally, now the trick is becoming a truthteller.
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