I Can hardly wait to share more LOVE with you!

Dear One,

Ever since the Showtime series, I’ve been swamped
with requests for coaching, advice, and workshops.

Now I’m in higher demand than I ever imagined!
Naturally, my response was to go deeper inward
and came through the other side inspired! 

I’ve been manifesting a powerful new course
and I intend to reach far more people than ever before.
The problem is upgrading my technology…

My new webpage is not ready yet,
and yet I’m eager to Invite you to a free preview call. 

I’ll be posing the official link on MONDAY Oct. 7, 2012
Please pre-register here and mark your calendar for the
LIVE preview call (at no cost) this WED!

I wish I could make the BIG official announcement today…
but instead I’ll just say:

This course offers my deepest transmissions
on Liberation & LOVE!

…and it promises to save you from future heart-ache
and teaches how to feel like you’re in LOVE all the time!

To hold your seat for the preview call go to:

Kamala Devi

First Name Email
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About KamalaDevi McClure

KamalaDevi McClure is a mystic, author, & Muse. Her family stars in Showtime’s docu-series, Polyamory: Married & Dating. She is the director of SD Tantra Theater, teaches sacred sexuality, and is lead faculty for ISTA. She lives by the beach in San Diego with her husband and son.

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