Tantra Sutras: Kamala Devi Writes on Sex, Spirituality, Love, Polyamory, and Open Relationship

Profound, sexy, sarcastic and sometimes silly thoughts tend to come through conversation (and orgasm) with my lovers. I don’t feel like an author as much as a scribe who takes dictation from an unseen source. I don’t have to understand the mysterious process through which ideas are transmitted and received, in order to capture and post them for you to read and comment. I hope my Tantra Sutras touch you as much as they have touched me…and that’s a lot!


  • I heart humans.
  • Feeling warm wet gratitude for our mutual infatuation. 
  • When a stranger asks me what I do, I say love. because infact, that’s what I do. 
  • Love goes beyond the ability to accept another as they are, to accepting the way they love. 
  • You’re fired! I say to the lawyer who runs around my mind collecting evidence of anything that is not love. 
  • One of the most beautiful gifts a friend or lover can ever give me is information on how to treat them better.
  • My heart is under renovation; the entrance was once an obstacle course, but now I’m building a landing strip.
  • Love is what happens whenever we come apart and we are more than who we were when we came together.
  • Love hurts. Love encompasses the full range of human condition. And suffering is a part of the human experience.
  • I used to withhold my sexuality, for fear that people would fall in love with me. But if my full expression inspires someone into a state of love, I no longer take it personally. 
  • Love is not proportionate to how long you have known someone, how old they are, or how many lovers one has. How much we love, however, can be correlated to how open we are to experiencing the absolute in relative form.


  • I’m on one hell of a roller coaster ride, but so is everyone else who is alive. 
  • No matter how naked I strip, there still seems to be a veil between you and me.
  • I can not be bothered by lack, when I am far to focused on the mysterious way life has of filling it. 
  • If you don’t have the energy to deeply penetrate this moment, can you relax let it fully penetrate you?
  • If I remembered to practice gratitude on every breath since the day I was born, I’d still have more blessings than I could count.


  • At point of orgasm I am filled with a wordless whisper: Give it to God!
  • Yes, I have a stack of books by my bed, and only half of them are about sex.
  • I confess…I am guilty of vagina worship, and how do you plan to punish me?
  • Bananas are perfectly shaped, but too soft for women with strong kagel muscles.
  • I LOVE the little show I get when you accidentally drop something and have to bend over to pick it up.
  • My husband woke me up with a huge reminder of who I am and why I’m here. Thank god for mooring wood.
  • Every time I stop to listen, there is a constant conversation going on in my body about how I can feel more connection.
  • We had a hot MFM threesome while fantasizing about having sex in a monastery, we are calling it the “two monk treatment.”


  • I wish I could program mind so that when I can’t think of anything nice, I don’t think anything at all.
  • I intend to root myself so deeply in the divine that no inner concern or outer circumstance can distract me. 
  • In prayer, the words we use hardly matter, but miracles are made by how fully we gather our faculties and align with our potential.
  • I’m not angry that the apes came in and pissed on the temple. They are after all, apes. I am only upset that, in the moment, I didn’t realize that even urine is divine.
  • Whenever I find my mind stuck in a self loathing loop, I stop and remember I am a unique emanation of the divine, that usually trumps all my human hallucinations.


  • I am not who you think I am, hell, I’m not even who I think I am.
  • My desire for truth is finally bigger than my need to hear that you love me.
  • How big is the gap between who you are when you are alone vs. with others?
  • Yikes. The imposter complex is rearing it’s ugly head…and I thought I cleared that program years ago.
  • What good is the impulse to be understood, when I am not who I was yesterday, and who I’ll be tomorrow is unknowable?
  • When I touch myself, it’s not so much that I think of you, but that I think–I am you–touching me, all curious and eager about my femininity.
  • “Mastery is not a function of having perfected your craft, but of cultivating the necessary skills to swiftly recognize and work on your imperfections.”


  • For the first half hour of the day, I write down whatever comes to mind.
  • To make sure my creativity never runs dry, I am constantly pumping the source.
  • I’ve met many muses in my life, rare and precious are the ones who keep a calendar and get shit done.
  • You know it’s going to be a good show, when you wake up after the dress rehearsal with a shame hang over!


  • The best reality show starts only after you turn off your TV. 
  • My mother says she watches my show and doesn’t even look away during the sex scenes.
  • I stepped off the roller coaster and stumbled, guess I haven’t gotten my land legs back yet.
  • ‪Polyamory‬ is not usually a spectator’s sport unless you have Showtime, Thursday Nights at 11pm.
  • Can you feel me? Even when framed by Hollywood, and filtered through people’s projections, I am still here.
  • No matter how naked I strip, there still seems to be a veil between you and me. –Maybe it’s the television. 
  • Some fans don’t want to follow me online because they don’t want to get spoilers for the show…as if I would dare! 
  • While the show is airing, I keep my remote control on my altar, as do millions of viewers who’s only altar is their TV.
  • I don’t want all the adulation to go to my head, so I built up a barrier, and now, I’m afraid, I haven’t been able to take it to heart, either. 
  • Sex is the great button pusher, only superseded by group sex. Having group sex onscreen is like walking into an elevator full of people, pushing all the buttons and then walking out.
  • At times it feels like I am consciously choosing the drama of my life, and other times it feels like the remote control is in someone else’s hand, but either way, I am always the observer.


  • “Mom, you really know how to stop the boringness.” Devin, age 5.
  • Off to another doctor appointment for Devin. He is teaching me how to be brave!
  • My son is the great guru who initiated me into the advanced practice of mother yoga. 
  • In response to my self criticism this morning, Michael says, I wish you would treat yourself as sweetly as you do Devin.
  • I’m glad that humans invented cars, because if they didn’t we would have to walk everywhere and that would be exhausting. –Devin, age 5
  • While being groomed for his first day of school, Devin tells the hairdresser: “It’s a good thing I don’t have eyes in the back of my head, or I wouldn’t be able to see through all that hair.”
  • You know what we have inside? Blood. I remember when dad stepped on a piece of glass and it squirted out his ankle. But if we have blood inside, how come it doesn’t come out when we pee and poop?
  • They say it’s better to have two kids than one: they learn to share better, take care of each other, they don’t get spoiled and the love is exponential. Why doesn’t this household wisdom apply to lovers as well?

Devin: If you were me you would know how good it feels to hug you right now.
Me: And what if you were me?
Devin: Then I would be hugging myself, and that feels pretty good too.

Devin is spinning in the living room and says: When I spin, the earth spins with me. When I stop spinning the earth still spins.
Mom: Did you get dizzy, Honey?
Devin: Yeah, but even when I’m not dizzy, the earth is always spinning.

Thank you. If you want more tantra sutras, go to: http://uninhibitedbliss.blogspot.com/2011/03/introducing-tantra-sutras.html and please comment.

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