Tantra-Palooza Welcomes Friends and Lovers

Our 5th annual Tantra-Palooza Festival will be doing a whole retreat take over at a beautiful resort in Desert hotsprings for four nights with 12  tantra teachers! Mark your calendar for Dec. 12th to Sunday, Dec. 16th.  Scroll down for fun pictures of last year. Save your seat with only $112 deposit since this event will sell out!

This year’s theme: “Celebrate Your Inner Guru” and Charles Muir will be our Keynote Speaker along with 12 powerful tantra teachers for 4 nights in Desert Hotsprings! 

This life changing Tantra Festival is taking over a Clothing Optional Natural HotSprings Retreat where we will be creating intentional community with approximately 100 friends and lovers!

 If you’ve been wanting to transform your relationship to  sex, spirituality, and community and have a more fufilling love life, this is the place to be!

 WHO?  Charles Muir, Kamala Devi, Triambika, Reid Mihalko, Mare Simone, Francoise, Kirin Khalsa,  Michael McClure, Scott Catamas, Shawn Roop, Daniel Schachtenberger, Adam Paulman, & You!

WHAT? The theme is “Celebrate Your Inner Guru.” We will be offering radical tools and transformative practices to access your full erotic expression within an immersive community where we dance, play, soak, study, work, eat, sleep and awaken together!

WHEN? 12-12-12 is Wed. Dec. 12, 2012 Registration starts at 5pm, Sensual puja at 7pm and classes, parties, and performance art go on until noon on Sun. the 15th!

WHERE? Aqua Soleil is a clothing optional retreat center in Desert Hot Springs with outdoor pool, spa tubs and poolside bar, restaurnt and spa services. 

 HOW MUCH? Tuition includes all workshops, Pujas, parties, and 2 optional tele-classes for only $597!

Additional Room and meal package range in price depending on if you want dorm style accomodations or private spa suites.  Meal packages include three (3) meals per day. The menu is vegetarian buffet style (gluten free and vegan options available if pre-arranged.) All package prices INCLUDE Meals and are priced PER PERSON. Pick your package and pay online.

  • $299–Dorm style rooms shared with 4 people max, two people per queen bed & Meals 
  • $349–Shared single queen (2 person max) & Meals
  • $399–Shared double queen per perosn (2 people to room) & Meals
  • $549–Single queen (private 1 person) & Meals
  • $575–Shared Suite w/private pool per person (2 person) & Meals.  

Save your seat with only $112 deposit by going to: http://tantrapalooza12-12-12.eventbrite.com

Our Vision:     The legacy began when 8 San Diego based teachers got together on 8-8-08 and over thirty participants who flew in from all over the US, many of whom said it was the most life-changing spiritual event. On 9-9-09, 9 teachers created an activation vortex. On 10-10-10 we learned to transform our own tantric shamanic practices. On 11-11-11 we took our evolutionary sexual awareness to new heights. 

This event has sold out every year! To reserve your space you must make a non-refundable deposit of $112 by check, PayPal or Eventbrite. For more information write Kalidas@blisscoach.com or Call her at 619-279-7641.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How Do I prepare? You will be emailed a registration confirmation with how to prepare and all the specific social agreements. Please read and save this confirmation.

Are there day passes? No. We are intending to provide an immersive environment for the duration. We understand that not everyone can make it to all three days of the festival; there are no discounted day passes. The tuition is set at such a reasonable price that we trust you will still get immense value and attend as much as possible.

What is your Refund Policy? The $112 deposit is non-refundable. You are entitled to a refund for what has been paid above $112 up to two weeks before the event begins. 50% of the balance will be refunded one week prior to the event. No refunds for no-shows or canceling within 24-hours.

What are the hours? The doors open at 5pm on Weds. 12/12/12 and we will start registration at 5:30pm. We begin at 8:30 each morning and go past midnight. We close around 3pm on Sunday 12/16/12. A specific schedule (subject to change) will be posted closer to the event.      Sign up now and find out why hundreds of Tantrikas say this was the most life changing event all year!

Save your seat with only $112 deposit by going to: http://tantrapalooza12-12-12.eventbrite.com


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KamalaDevi McClure is a mystic, author, & Muse. Her family stars in Showtime’s docu-series, Polyamory: Married & Dating. She is the director of SD Tantra Theater, teaches sacred sexuality, and is lead faculty for ISTA. She lives by the beach in San Diego with her husband and son.

5 thoughts on “Tantra-Palooza Welcomes Friends and Lovers

  1. Namaste, Kamala, I have a project on the Big Island, Hawai’i, which I hope to integrate a clothing optional eco-resort/retreat center into, with classes in body awareness, tantra, to welcome guests from around the world on the sacred land, surrounded by tropical splendor. My cellulosic biofuels, food and geopolymer project has been approved for humaniarian funding, with a focus on ending dependence on fuel and food imports from the mainland. The farm’s sites will enable much to be done in support of sustainable development, along with experiential opportunities for personal and community growth. I made strongly favorable contact with Dr. Deborah Anapol recently, she spent the last six years on the Big Island. I know Janet Kira and Sasha Lessin, on Maui, School of Tantra, they are game to work with me in getting tantric workshops going on the Big Island. The folks at Body Electric School are also open to having classes with our guests. Eventually I hope to build a thriving high tech ecovillage with advanced tech and materials, meshed with high density food growing, Food Forest plantings outside, and use of BioDomes to grow on multiple floors in a vertical farm format. Co-creating a place where the nature kingdoms (faerie, devic, elemental, celestial) live, work and love the hu-mans there will be a labor of love for future generations to enjoy with us.

    • Greg….my wife and i winter on the Big Island and would like to meet hip and aware people. please send me a contact number or address. thanks

  2. My wife have wanted to delve into tantra to allow ourselves freedom to enjoy life and deeper intimacy.



  3. Dear Kamaladeviji,
    its been a great divine experience reading your blogs and visiting the website of your ,i feel to become your student and also be with you serving and learning ,m from india and m 35 years man but still childish ,as my family is low financially i would request yourgoodself to provide me a job with decency and also make me your student too if the godess residing in yourgoodself inspire you.by gods grace of swaminarayan our devotee mother took gret pain in making me and my brother to study and she cooked food and made snacks and we supplied at colonies .now that she is old she needs us to earn and do good to her and for god too.
    it would be a great priviledge to get some good employment and also knowledge of Tantra and realise the essence of god.you can also visit-akshardham ,baps.org-daily darshan,bhujmandir.org and baps.london-daily darshan.com,and also feel the zest of swaminarayan.Coming up is AKSHARDHAM in USA-Robbins valley,NEW JERSEY city ,please would like to serve the temple and earn the bread and serve the poor ,needy,old,desperates ,if god and all saints and your goodselfji help us.
    inifinite bows to lotus holy feet of god sri swamianrayan all saints ,devotees and yourgoodself and pray to help us out.god bless you.As they say mother never leaves her children same way i feel mother godess in yourgoodself would sure do something .
    god bless
    kind regards,

  4. Abhishek this side from Delhi I just saw your profile and find that you are a tantra teacher and it gives me hope again that someone teach or give me tantra massage I am dieng to take that massage experience so is any way to meet you soon? Please notify me when it comes in india

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