[Polyamory Proverbs] Kamala Devi’s Quotes On Open Relationships, Swinging and More Love

I’m  inspired to write little quotes, aphorisms or slogans about Polyamory, More Love, and Open relationships. Poly Events with Kamala Devi

Sometimes they reflect my deepest thoughts, some are simply playful, while some are sarcastic, but they are ALL intended to provoke thought and further the conversation. Eventually, I would like to make a book of them, let me know how they touch you!


  • If Jesus loves everyone, why can’t I?
  • I love my girlfriend! (And my boyfriend loves her too.)
  • Hello. I’m Kamala Devi and I am a husband-swapper.
  • As a policy, “No Drama” is both boring and unrealistic.
  • When people I love are loving each other, why feel left out?
  • I know I’m not supposed to be possessive…but your ass is mine!
  • There is an art to sleeping in the middle and I’m determined to master it.
  • Polyamory is only for people who have the audacity to question monogamy.
  • You can’t be Poly in a vacuum…well, I guess you could, but that would suck.
  • By maintaining multiple deep evolving relationships, I am getting to know god.
  • After scheduling, the next big problem with polyamory is seating arrangements.
  • I’m so busy with all my poly lovers that I started putting them on my “To Do” list.
  • I love men and I love women. If society forces me to make a choice, then I choose love.
  • It’s not that I can’t decide who I want to love, but that I don’t feel I should have to chose.
  • By questioning conventions of sex and relationship, we further the conversation of Love.
  • Polyamory is an effective strategy for anyone who wants to test their emotional capacity.
  • We teach our children to share in the sandbox, shouldn’t this still apply in the bedroom when we grow up?
  • Some lovers are so intense, they exclude everything else. I prefer those whose bond is so big, they embrace the whole world.
  • If God hadn’t intended us to have group sex, why would she give us more erogenous zones than one person could possibly pleasure?
  • I used to want to be the only source of your desire, but love has since shown me to burn for all life. Still your fire is welcome to join mine.
  • It’s one thing when you’re juggling so many balls that you accidentally drop one, it’s a whole other story when you’re juggling lovers. ;-(
  • I am a representative of small but growing percentage of the population who, on the question of love always answer D) All of the above.
  • As a leader in polyamory, I’ve taken it upon myself to let the community see me fuck up so that they can chose to learn from my mistakes .
  • Polyamory is no better or worse than Monogamy, it’s just a relationship structure that works better or worse for different people, at different times.
  • If most children can adapt to having one parent move out due to divorce, why wouldn’t my child acclimate to having more parents move in due to love?
  • “POLYDAR” N. the intuitive gift of observing someone’s non verbal behavior and determining their capacity to conduct honest multiple loving relationships.
  • Watching you with another lover expands me. Now I am big enough to hold two simultaneous but opposite truths: I am elated to see your pleasure, and I hurt like hell
  • Feeling sorry for people who must give up an existing romantic relationship to follow an erotic attraction for someone new. It’s not as sad, however, as the ones who just lie and sneak around.
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